Our client CAPE, is an extension of the Ferris College of Pharmacy. This brand was established last year, and it was my team's job to continue the execution across touchpoints and brand the new enterprises. 
Existing Branding
New Enterprises
Branded Touchpoints
The client requested some touchpoints to give as gifts to the employees in his office, we created pens and coasters for them to elevate the work environment. I also created letterheads for CATCH and CITE based on the preexisting templates for the other enterprises.
Informational brochures were our client's primary form of communication. It was important that they had a series of branded brochures to share with personnel at conferences to communicate the values of their organization. 
CHARM Dental Brochure
We also created a CHARM Dental brochure. This would be another brochure under the CHARM enterprise. We wanted the brochure to look similar but different from the previous two because this was a special initiative.
It was my job to create new illustrations based on the preexisting illustration style incorporating dental tools and antibiotics.
The final illustration quickly communicated that this brochure had to do with dentists as well as prescriptions while matching the preexisting illustration style.
The client gave us a brief overview of the type of information they wanted in the brochure and it was our job to do the research and create the copy for the interior of the brochure.
I was in charge of updating the CHARM website. It was crucial to work within not only CAPE's brand standards but also Ferris’s brand guidelines and understand the limitations of the CMS that Ferris was using.
While creating the CHARM website we realized CAPE didn't have its own webpage. There was no way for the public to gain information about CAPE unless they got the brochure I mentioned before. So, I created a page for CAPE as well showcasing all of its enterprises, and acts as a way to go to the CHARM website and in the future, to the other enterprises' webpages.
Newsletter Template
For their quarterly newsletter, they were using a Word template that was messy and busy and did not match their branding.
Using Microsoft Word, I created a newsletter template that was quickly identifiable as CHARM as well as better organized the information. 

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