Mucho Gusto is a Mexican bowl restaurant where the customer has the power
to create their own meal while still enjoying traditional Mexican cooking.
Cultural History

The Mucho Gusto branding is representative of the alebrije, a colorful, mythical animal spirit guide that is native to Mexican culture that originates in Oaxaca, the food capital of the country.
The jaguar was chosen as the alebrije for this brand because it represents a person who is fierce, independent, powerful, and strong.  The u is underlined to emphasize you have the creative power at Mucho Gusto.
The use of vibrant colors in alebrijes reflects the cultural richness and diversity of Mexico.
It celebrates the country's artistic traditions, folklore, and indigenous heritage.
Promotional & Marketing
The Alebrije can be found on the front window, pointing toward the door to lead customers into their creative food journey.
Employee uniforms consist of a t-shirt and name tag with the alebrije to represent they are there to help guide the customer on their food journey. 
Food Packaging & Rewards

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