Sinful Confections is a high-end chocolate brand located in New York City, stands out for its exclusive use of a handcrafted blend of Italian, French, and Belgian chocolate infused with 24-carat gold - making it the only brand of its kind on the market.
Competitor Audit
While creating a luxury chocolate brand it was important to find what could make this chocolate stand out as luxury compared to other high-end chocolate brands
To embody the uniqueness of this chocolate having 24k gold within the chocolate I went through iterations playing off the gold aspect of the brand. 

During this process, I found myself snacking on chocolates as "research" and could not stop at just one piece. This led me to the idea of gluttony (one of the seven deadly sins) and how it was something in history the higher levels of society could indulge in.
Establishing the Brand
While creating the logo, I wanted it to reflect the luxurious and handcrafted qualities of the chocolate to correctly portray the uniqueness of the brand. 
The branding was kept simple and impactful. The primary type represents the boldness of the customers, while the thin sanserif brings a sense of elegance. Black and gold are the primary colors to represent luxury and the gold that is infused in the chocolate. The playful devil tale on the 'S' represents the devilish temptation to indulge in the chocolate. 
These delectable chocolates are in custom boxes at high-end events such as the Emmys to reach the target audience.
Besides high-end celebrities, Sinful also caters to business owners, CEOs: the top of the social food chain. Signage around the city tempts potential customers to indulge after a long day of work. 

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